Story Submissions

Sharing your birth story can be an empowering experience and we would love to help celebrate how you birthed your baby by publishing your story. Fill in the below form and I will be in touch via email to collect imagery and discuss how you would like your story published.

I have included a list of questions below the form which may help prompt you in writing your birth story however these are a very basic guide only and there is no limit on how much detail you’d like to include.

Prompting Questions

Sometimes it can be difficult to put your story into words or know where to begin, so I’ve put together a few questions which can help prompt you to elaborate on how you birthed your baby. This list isn’t exhaustive and is intended as a guide: ultimately we want you to tell YOUR story how you see fit:

  • When did labour begin, how far a part were your contractions and what did it feel like?
  • Did you labour at home or head straight to the hospital?
  • How was the car ride to the hospital? If you birthed at home/ elsewhere, when did you call your midwife/ doula/ doctor/ etc.?
  • Were you examined during your labour by either a midwife or doctor? How did this make you feel?
  • What aids did you use to help cope with the pain?
  • Was there any significant moments during your labour where you vividly remember thinking/ saying something?
  • When did you enter the transition phase?
  • How long did you push for? What was it like? How was baby coping?
  • Was there anyone particularly helpful during your birth who you think made it a better experience?
  • What were the negatives of your birth (this question can sometimes be difficult to answer but can bring closure to those struggling with their birth story)?
  • How did you feel when your baby was crowning?
  • Did you tear/ graze/ require assistance in delivering your baby? How did this make you feel at the time and now?
  • What time were you discharged/ left along after birthing your baby and how did this make you feel?