Why Share Our Birth Stories?

Why should we share our birth stories? I think a better question is why not? Birthing your baby (or babies) can be an empowering, inspiring and surreal experience, but on the other hand it can also be traumatic, complicated and distressing for many women. The sheer unpredictability of birth means that as women, no matter how prepared we are, sometimes our births are less than ideal. Or maybe they are ideal: maybe your birth was textbook with positive outcomes, but you find yourself reflecting on the whole experience and it stirs up emotions of defeat and sadness.

I found great comfort in reflecting on my birth story through words. Taking the time to sit with myself and write openly about how my labour progressed and what each stage felt like, has helped me to process the life changing event that was birthing my baby girl. Birth is something to be celebrated and I personally love reading and hearing how other women delivered their beautiful babies.

The process of writing and saving your birth story can prove a cathartic experience, provide closure after a difficult birth, allow inner reflection on pregnancy, labour and motherhood, inspire pride in what our bodies are capable of doing, celebrate womanhood as a whole and can even help with the postpartum period when sleeplessness, lack of guidance and isolation can make motherhood feel arduous rather than a joy.

I created this blog to be a platform where women can share their birth stories (publicly or privately) with accompanying images that support and shed light on their journey. Perhaps you would like to post the link on your Instagram profile, publish a Facebook post on your own private page, share the link with friends and family who ask “what was your birth like?” or even keep it to yourself.

If you would like to submit your birth story, please head to the Submissions page and fill in the form. I will be in touch via email to collect imagery and discuss how you would like your story to be published. Alternatively, you can contact me via the Instagram page.

Photo Credit: Photography by Kristy Lee

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