Sarah’s Birth Story

My daughter, Remi, was due on December 22nd, 2019. Pregnancy had been difficult. I experienced a lot of prenatal anxiety during my first trimester due to suffering a miscarriage two months prior to falling pregnant with Remi. I suffered through severe morning sickness from week 5 until week 20 and then experienced pregnancy insomnia for… Continue reading Sarah’s Birth Story

Jennifer’s Birth Story

The times are rough estimates, as I wasn't taking notes during labour (obviously)... 9:00 am I had my waters broken and was 2 centimetres dilated. 9:45 am The drip was started to bring on my contractions. 10:30 am I was thinking, "hmm... I can feel them coming now," but was still smiling and laughing because… Continue reading Jennifer’s Birth Story

Why Share Our Birth Stories?

Why should we share our birth stories? I think a better question is why not? Birthing your baby (or babies) can be an empowering, inspiring and surreal experience, but on the other hand it can also be traumatic, complicated and distressing for many women. The sheer unpredictability of birth means that as women, no matter… Continue reading Why Share Our Birth Stories?