Jennifer’s Birth Story

The times are rough estimates, as I wasn’t taking notes during labour (obviously)…

9:00 am I had my waters broken and was 2 centimetres dilated.

9:45 am The drip was started to bring on my contractions.

10:30 am I was thinking, “hmm… I can feel them coming now,” but was still smiling and laughing because Mark [my partner] was embarrassed at my request for him to play 90’s music on his phone!

11:00 am I’d quickly transitioned to, “OMG” and the smiling was gone. I started on the gas and air and remember thinking that nothing anyone says can help me now. 😂

12:15 pm I requested the epidural. The medical staffs’ response was, “the desired anaesthetist is not available for 40 minutes… Can you wait?” No, no I cannot. I wanted anyone with a qualification in the labour room, STAT. Quicker than the speed of light please. 

12:35 pm I was 4 centimetres dilated: oh dear god.

12:45 pm The anaesthetist comes in and I feel a weird loving feeling toward him. I really want to hug it out and have a little cry (of happiness!) that comfort is on the way.

12:55 pm The epidural is going in and I feel an urge to push. At the time I thought to myself, ‘don’t tell anyone you’ve got pressure, they’ll make you push.

1:10 pm The epidural is clearly not having the desired effect since I’m almost trying to swallow the gas and air tubing in an attempt to get more gas in my lungs! I was also still trying to hide the fact that I needed to push… The thought crosses my mind that the epidural might not have time to work and in that moment, this terrifies me. The midwife asks me, “have you got pressure?” and I respond quickly, “no, no… No pressure,” with a classic involuntary push at the end of my sentence.

1:15 pm I am now fully dilated and told to push. I cry and refuse. I then have a quick midwife-word with myself in my head, to stop being one of those people who do that… I just need to push for god sake!

1:25 pm My baby’s heartbeat is low and the doctor wants to use ventouse (vacuum extraction). Three kiwi cups (ventouse) are opened but the midwife drops the first one and the second one has no suction. The third one is opened but by that time, at 1:33 pm, baby Oliver was born!👣

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