Rebecca’s Birth Story

My induction started at 8.30 am on Monday the 23rd of December with the 30 hour pessary. This kicked things off and I started getting contractions and dilating by that evening. They took the pessary out Tuesday afternoon and I was put on the list to go down to the labour ward, but because of Christmas they were really short staffed. This meant that we didn’t end up getting called down until 3.30 am on Boxing Day.

At 4:30 am that morning I was transferred to the labour ward to start the hormone drip and have my waters broken. There were no issues with breaking my waters but the trouble started when trying to hook me up to the drip. It took 12 attempts (eight of which were done by an anesthetist with a scanner) and 90 minutes before they finally got a vein and the drip was started. We managed to get to level 4 on the drip when [my baby] Florence’s heart rate started to drop down below 70/80 bpm. It was decided to stop the drip for an hour and this settled things.

The drip was resumed after the break and we got to level 6 but her heart rate dropped again, this time to 60/70 bpm. The pain I was in was excruciating as she had her head so far into my pelvis. The doctors suggested we take a break and put in an epidural before starting again.

I was given the epidural and we started again, but only got to level 5 and her heart rate dropped again. This time it was so low they buzzed in the crash team and about 12 people rushed into the room at once. All I can remember from that moment was the doctors saying baby had to come out now – it was so urgent that they actually stopped a c-section that was already happening and rushed us into theatre.

I was put to sleep and woke up two hours later when Florence was two hours old. She had become so distressed when she wedged her head into my pelvis and cervix that she had also crushed her cord. This meant she came out with a bruised face from all the pressure. In hindsight I found out that when she was born, she was put on oxygen because she wasn’t breathing and spent time with the NICU nurses until we were discharged a day later.

My midwife and my partner Josh were my absolute rocks throughout this whole journey. Especially my partner for taking the reins and stepping into the role of both mum and dad for that first day since I didn’t come around fully until 9:00 pm the day of our emergency c-sections (I was out to sleep so quickly, in under two breaths).

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  1. I remember when my wife was in pain and she had given express instructions to all hospital staff that no matter how much pain she is in, they will not give her an epidural. Thankfully everything went off well and both wife and daughter were healthy and fine.

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